[V6-12v] 100CS hood

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
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oh yeah I just happen to have a hood right here I am not using .. are you
kidding me ?
seriuosy did you try force5 auto ? ask him how much to ship . you might be
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> Hi all,
>   I've been trying to get my '93 100CS Avant back together for about two
> months now.  About 1 month after buying it I got hit on the front
> side fender and hood by an "inattentive driver" (read: talking on cell
> phone).  The good news is that it was a slow speed accident, probably
> 15mph.  The bad news is that since she was in a Ford Explorer on a lift
> it tore the crap out of my fender and hood.
>   I've been trying to locate a replacement hood for the car, but the best
> I've been able to do is find hoods that are on the opposite end of the
> country from me (I'm in Missoula, MT) that would cost a boatload to ship.
> If anyone on the list has a hood and would be willing to ship it if they
> were paid for the time to box it up properly, please drop me a line, I've
> really got to get at least one of my non-driveable Audis back on the road.
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