[V6-12v] Rear Axle Seals

Nathan Widmyer lighthousej at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 01:41:41 EST 2006

Hey friends,

Well, it's at the liminal point for the calendar year and it's also the time
I take in my 90 for the state inspection.  A few days after I dropped it
off, I got a call from the guy at the dealership and he said that my rear
axle seals are leaking but it's not a reason to fail the car in its state
inspection.  I told my dad and he seemed interested in a repair which means
it shouldn't be too involved or foreign to him.  My dad owned a VW Rabbit
and mentioned something about finding a "split boot" being important,
otherwise the axle would need to be removed to repair the problem.  The bulk
of my car knowledge lies under the hood and thus I'm largely ignorant of
this problem.  Can anyone inform me about this further?  Has anybody dealt
with this before and have any advice on the best course of action?

Thanks in advance, Nathan.

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