[V6-12v] engine questions/repost

Paul DAnneo padanneo at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 19 21:21:23 EST 2006

   I'm a newbie here, although I've lurked on the quattro list for my former 4000csq and on the s-car list for my current '93 s4.
   I've got the opertunity to buy a '92 100q avant with an overheated engine. Now I've found a used 2.8l V6,+- 83k. Only the seller doesn't have alot of info, apparently it was a lost item in shipping.
  Question, are there any #'s on the block that will tell me the year of the engine and model of the vehicle? 
  Also I heard of the ability to supercharge the engine. 
  More questions to come.

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