[V6-12v] Cats Replaced - Emission Test Passed

Frank Chapchuk chapchuk at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 20 13:50:59 EST 2006

After failing the emissions test miserably, I did a little testing on my own 
to determine what may be wrong. Everything looked good (O2 sensor tested 
with a scope, plugs/wires , coolant sensor looked good) Everything was 
pointing to the converter (especially since one had a rattle.) After reading 
my test numbers to the guy at discountconverters.com said the converter 
would only reduce those numbers by a certain percentage (still not enough to 
pass). I decided to give the new converters a try anyway. I took the old 
converters off and they had nothing inside of them. The test results were:

HC old:146
HC new: 8

CO old: 0.54
CO new: 0.05

NO old: 2726
NO new: 1262

They say converters should last the life of the car. The car has 220K on it. 
I know one converter probably got damaged when the bolts connecting it to 
the rest of the exhaust system broke off and it was being used as a muffler 
for about a week

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