[V6-12v] New A6 with some minor issues and some questions

Rob beattyr2003 at cox.net
Sat Jan 28 20:15:05 EST 2006

So I made the leap from 200 tq to the A6Q.  I love the car, but certainly
miss the acceleration of the 200.  Have some minor things to work out


Car is a 1995 A6 Quattro sedan with manual transmission.  The AC head fan
speed display light is blown out.  I also am not getting airflow through the
footwell vents.  I haven't run the diagnostics yet, have to read through
them, and its from an online tech site, not from the factory manual, so it
takes some reading and re-reading to be sure of what they mean.  It also
looks like I can diagnose those problems without a Vag 1551, at least I
think so.


Also having come from the 200 platform up to the A6, this is my first
exploration of OBD and OBD II.  I know one needs either the Vag 1551 or Vag
Com or another variant of the software for diagnosing fault codes.  How hard
is it to make the adapter cable for the serial port?  I am skilled in
electronics and have plenty of experience fabricating cables, I just need to
know what I am connecting to.  Anyone have a pinout of the DB9 (serial port)
connector to the connections for the diagnostics?


Other issues the car is having is intermittent check engine light under
partial throttle.  EGR system is suspect, I need to run the test of that
system and clean it out also, probably its just carbon build up.


Otherwise, I love the car, and the wife loves her 95 A6 wagon that we bought
about a month earlier, though I'm still jonesing for the S6 instead heh.







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