[V6-12v] Thermostat lifespan

Kevin S turboaudi99 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 5 17:36:52 EDT 2006

thanks for the recap and the write up.  
so has this fixed your problem?  im it assuming it has..

> Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2006 09:41:41 -0700> From: tomchr at gmail.com> To: v6-12v at audifans.com> Subject: Re: [V6-12v] Thermostat lifespan> > Folks,> > Quick recap: It took for ever for the engine in my 1994 90S to warm up> and I had no heat at the vents. Only in stop & go traffic would the> engine warm up (in 60-70 deg F (15-20 C) weather).> > I shook the expansion tank cap and it did not rattle. This can be a> sign of a stuck valve, which, according to several list members can> cause the system to show the symptoms I describe. A new cap was about> $6.50 at the dealer so it was worth a try. Unfortunately, it did not> fix the problem.> > So I replaced the thermostat, which on the AAH/AFC engines can be done> without removing the timing belt. Here's how I did it:> > 1) Remove belly pan, top engine cover. Drain coolant and dispose of it properly.> 2) Remove radiator fans to give you more room.> 3) Remove front plastic cover on engine.> 4) Remove accessory belt and tensioner.> 5) Remove timing belt covers. Be careful as the plastic can be rather brittle.> 6) Remove the coolant hose at the thermostat housing.> 7) Remove two 10 mm bolts that hold the housing. One is above the> idler/roller for the timing belt, the other is under the large pulley> at the top (use a 1/4" drive socket, universal joint, and a short> extension).> 8) Wiggle the thermostat housing out from underneath the timing belt.> 9) Replace thermostat and the O-ring around it.> 10) Assembly is reverse of removal.> > Remember to bleed the system when you fill it with coolant. Getting> the thermostat housing out is a real chore as the thermostat gets> caught on it. But it is possible to get it out (the Bentley Manual> even says so). It took me around 15 minutes to get it out. 10-15> minutes to get it back in. The whole procedure took 1.5 hours. Add 30> minutes for bleeding the system (waiting for the engine to heat up)> and tool clean-up.I took the time to make sure the timing belt was> clean and I rotated the engine a couple of revs by hand before putting> the covers on. Just as a precaution.> > Relevant torques:> Thermostat housing bolts: 10 Nm> Accessory belt bolt: 55 Nm> Bleed screw in the hard coolant line by the EGR valve: 15 Nm> > > Tom> _______________________________________________> V6-12v mailing list> V6-12v at audifans.com> http://www.audifans.com/mailman/listinfo/v6-12v
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