[V6-12v] 1.CD changer not responding, 2. Window relay drains battery

aaron spotts aaronspotts at hotmail.com
Sat Jul 15 03:28:26 EDT 2006

Audi Experts,

I own a 1992 100 CS Quattro.  The radio got locked up when I disconnected 
the battery, and when I plugged in the code the radio no longer played the 
cds in the stock 10-disc changer.  It won't even eject the cartridge.  The 
changer worked fine before prior to disconnecting the battery.  The stock 
Audi/Bose radio does show the CD mode and will even allow me to switch 
through the disc and track numbers (but not in accordance to the cds).  The 
only response the changer gives is a little boot-up noise when I unplug then 
plug the cable back into it.  Any tips?

Also, the window relay (#329) next to the clutch pedal clicks and drains the 
car's battery when it is parked.  Sometimes when my drivers window is rolled 
down, it will roll it up on its own.  I've tried replacing the relay, but it 
did the same thing with the new one.  Is something messed up in the car's 
security system?

Any help is appreciated.


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