[V6-12v] AC low pressure 134a quick connect on 95 A6?

Rob Beatty beattyr2003 at cox.net
Sat Jul 15 19:56:06 EDT 2006

Alright not much info seems to be easily found on the internet about this so
I'll ask some direct questions.


Is there a low pressure side quick connect port for 134a on the 95 A6Q?  I
have found the low pressure switch that is threaded onto a Schrader valve on
the right side of the plenum at the firewall, but that's not quick connect.


Is there a suction side quick connect? Or am I just going to have to take
the car to a shop to have the AC charged?  Its cycling the compressor so its
down some Freon, but its not fully empty.  I would much rather spend the
12-14 on a can of Freon and a few bucks on an adaptor than the 75$ plus it
will cost at a shop.


Any btdt on this with you guys?





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