[V6-12v] Oil Light Appears Occaisionally

Nathan Widmyer lighthousej at gmail.com
Wed Jul 19 18:13:51 EDT 2006

Starting beginning this month, when I start up my car, the oil light flashes
but soon goes away when the engine seems to be up to temperature.

The light also very briefly flashes if I have to make a moderately sharp

I changed the oil 1000 mi. ago and was filled up to the line between OK and
Max on the dipstick.  It's currently in the middle of the OK region.  The
oil filter was changed at the same time too.

I'm thinking the oil pump might be failing because it can't pump the oil
until it's warmed up some (and thinner/easer to pump).  What does everyone

I have 10W-30 oil in there now and the car is a 1994 90CS quattro Sport.

Thanks for your time,
Nathan Widmyer

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