[V6-12v] Bad fuel pump???

Frank Chapchuk chapchuk at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 19 22:20:59 EDT 2006

Replaced my fuel pump on a '92 100 a few years ago. Not sure if the 
procedure is the same for your car. After I realized what the Bentley was 
telling me to do the job wasn't too bad. Once the job was done, someone told 
me of an easier method.

Its a lot easier if you get most of the gas out of the tank. Access to the 
pump is through a round cover plate in the trunk. There are some fuel lines 
and electrical connections to remove. Remove the fuel gauge and you can see 
the fuel pump housing. The Bentley uses a special tool to grab the housing 
and turn it about 1/4 turn to remove it. I used a long screwdriver and 
rubber mallet (no sparks). There are notches on the housing where you can 
position the screwdriver. Tap the screwdriver with the mallet to turn the 

Once the housing is out there is a clip (or two) you remove and the fuel 
pump will pull straight out of the housing. This leads to the question 
"can't you just remove the clips with the  housing still in the tank ??" I 
think you can. That would make the job much easier.

Important - Change the fuel filter too. I didn't and the car ran like crap 
after a few miles.

"Lino M. Valadas" <l.valadas at rogers.com> wrote:
!My wife's 93 90q (v6 2.8 12v), cranks but does not start.  No fuel.  When I
!whack the gas tank under the car the fuel pump wakes up and the thing
!starts.  Does this mean a bad fuel pump or just bad connections somewhere?
!Any BTDT before I attempt to replace the pump on a full tank of gas of

Very likely a pump starting to fail.
How loud is the pump when it runs ?

The pump in our our 95 90q had been getting a little noisey of late,
until it "failed" on day last month.
Tapping the fuel tank got it going again,
but you could definitely hear it when it ran
after that first failure to start.

I had a local shop replace it (along with the fuel filter)
for about 450$US (fair, considering it's been over a year
since we need to have anything done to the car).

They did comment to me that they needed a special tool
to remove the pump from its mount inside the tank.
You'll certainly want to have a look at the Bentley manual
for more details before getting too far along
(I don't have access to mine at the moment).

I'm interested, too, in reading what other list members
have to say about their BTDT stories.

I suppose if you (or your wife) doesn't mind tapping
the fuel tank prior to starting the car,
you might be able to use up some of that fuel
while you're waiting for your new pump & filter
to arrive !
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