[V6-12v] Bad fuel pump???

Lino M. Valadas l.valadas at rogers.com
Thu Jul 20 08:35:38 EDT 2006

Thanks Frank.

I may be doing this on the weekend.  Where is the fuel filter located? In
the tank as well?

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> Replaced my fuel pump on a '92 100 a few years ago. Not sure if the
> procedure is the same for your car. After I realized what the Bentley was
> telling me to do the job wasn't too bad. Once the job was done, someone
> me of an easier method.
> Its a lot easier if you get most of the gas out of the tank. Access to the
> pump is through a round cover plate in the trunk. There are some fuel
> and electrical connections to remove. Remove the fuel gauge and you can
> the fuel pump housing. The Bentley uses a special tool to grab the housing
> and turn it about 1/4 turn to remove it. I used a long screwdriver and
> rubber mallet (no sparks). There are notches on the housing where you can
> position the screwdriver. Tap the screwdriver with the mallet to turn the
> housing.
> Once the housing is out there is a clip (or two) you remove and the fuel
> pump will pull straight out of the housing. This leads to the question
> "can't you just remove the clips with the  housing still in the tank ??" I
> think you can. That would make the job much easier.
> Important - Change the fuel filter too. I didn't and the car ran like crap
> after a few miles.
> "Lino M. Valadas" <l.valadas at rogers.com> wrote:
> !My wife's 93 90q (v6 2.8 12v), cranks but does not start.  No fuel.  When
> !whack the gas tank under the car the fuel pump wakes up and the thing
> !starts.  Does this mean a bad fuel pump or just bad connections
> !Any BTDT before I attempt to replace the pump on a full tank of gas of
> !course?
> Very likely a pump starting to fail.
> How loud is the pump when it runs ?
> The pump in our our 95 90q had been getting a little noisey of late,
> until it "failed" on day last month.
> Tapping the fuel tank got it going again,
> but you could definitely hear it when it ran
> after that first failure to start.
> I had a local shop replace it (along with the fuel filter)
> for about 450$US (fair, considering it's been over a year
> since we need to have anything done to the car).
> They did comment to me that they needed a special tool
> to remove the pump from its mount inside the tank.
> You'll certainly want to have a look at the Bentley manual
> for more details before getting too far along
> (I don't have access to mine at the moment).
> I'm interested, too, in reading what other list members
> have to say about their BTDT stories.
> I suppose if you (or your wife) doesn't mind tapping
> the fuel tank prior to starting the car,
> you might be able to use up some of that fuel
> while you're waiting for your new pump & filter
> to arrive !
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