[V6-12v] Oil Light Appears Occaisionally

Nathan Widmyer lighthousej at gmail.com
Thu Jul 20 10:49:52 EDT 2006

Thanks for your email.

I think if the sensor or it's wire was on it's way out, I don't think it
would stop flashing on a semi-predictable fashion.

The oil level appears directly in the middle of OK and I've had other people
visually confirm this.

I didn't notice a gasoline smell from the dipstick but then again I don't
purposely smell the dipstick.

Another thing is that it's about 70-75F in the morning (according to my OAT)
when I start my car and the light flashes.  When I leave from work at 4pm,
my OAT reads 95-100F but the oil light doesn't blink.

On 7/20/06, Kent McLean <kentmclean at mindspring.com> wrote:
> Nathan Widmyer wrote:
> > Starting beginning this month, when I start up my car, the oil light
> flashes
> > but soon goes away when the engine seems to be up to temperature.
> >
> > The light also very briefly flashes if I have to make a moderately sharp
> > turn.
> >
> > I changed the oil 1000 mi. ago and was filled up to the line between OK
> and
> > Max on the dipstick.  It's currently in the middle of the OK
> region.  The
> > oil filter was changed at the same time too.
> It may be the sensor is on the way out.
> It may be wiring to the sensor has broken or corroded.
> It may be low on oil and you have the wrong dipstick (or you
> may be reading the dipstick wrong; make sure you clean it
> with a rag before re-inserting to check).
> It may be that the oil has thinned due to a) gas leaking from
> injectors and past the piston rings when off, or b) a head
> gasket leak letting water into the oil. Both of these should
> be obvious when looking at or smelling the dipstick.
> --
> Kent McLean
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> '89 200 TQ, "Bad Puppy" up in smoke

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