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Contact Joel Bachman at 800-323-5441 Ext 1303 and tell him Marc  
Glasgow sent you.

He hasn't arranged any cars for me, but has moved motorcycles and  
other heavy equipment.

He's a transport broker, meaning that he'll find you the best price  
out of dozens or hundreds of firms that will move the car for you  
(esp. if you think of the car as freight). You'll be walked through  
some questions, including what type of insurance coverage you want/ 
need -- think about that in advance.

What to know:
There are four kinds of hauled transport in general - point to point,  
point to terminal, terminal to point and terminal to terminal.
Terminal in this case is defined as the local trucking warehouse  
where the long haul driver picks up and delivers. Point is defined as  
whatever location you specify (such as your driveway).
Terminal to Terminal is much cheaper than involving points at all --  
a point delivery charge can easily add $135 on each end for a  
residential delivery & pick-up. That difference can mean serious $$  
differences on the total bill. Thus, terminal-to-terminal is always a  
serious savings benefit.

Other thoughts:
Consider having someone reliable in the upstate NY area to fix the  
timing belt before it's moved. That way you can opt to go either way  
-- freight or drive-away.

=-= Marc Glasgow

On Jun 1, 2006, at 11:52 PM, Christopher Shields wrote:

> Hey Now...
> Anyone out there know I reliable car trans service? I have a '93 90S
> that I need shipped from upstate NY to SW FL. It's got 150K+ Miles on
> it. I can't get the time off work to drive it down myself and I KNOW
> it needs a new timing chain so I don't want to risk it.
> Any clue would be greatly appreciated.
> Have a better one,
> ~ Chris
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