[V6-12v] Power Door Lock Problem

David Torrey davidtorrey2004 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 11 21:12:32 EDT 2006

Hi Guys-

I have had this on going problem with my ignition
switch not returning to the run position after
starting on my '93 100CSQ wagon. Today, I finally
replaced it.  In addition, I have had this problem
with the power door locks insisting on being locked
for the past few months.  I temporarily solved the
problem by pulling the relay for the door locks and
interior lights.  I was thinking, after fixing the
ignition switch that maybe my door locks would now
work.  I found the relay and put it back in and now my
power door locks work perfectly.  I thought this may
also help someone else with door lock problems.

I now have another problem with oxygen sensor code
which is causing rough running and no power.  Time to
replace valley pan gasket as well.

David Torrey

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