[V6-12v] Brake Bleeding

The CyberPoet thecyberpoet at cyberpoet.net
Tue Jun 20 00:11:17 EDT 2006

I'm not sure if it's appropriate to mention, but I do sell  
SpeedBleeder kits
cheaply ($27 delivered in the USA, covers all four wheels). You may be
able to find them at your local auto parts store as well -- these are  
bleeder valves with a spring & ball valve internal to them, and you  
your stock bleeders with them (permanently). To activate the one-way  
feature, you unscrew them 90 degrees from closed, and now any fluid will
be pushed through the bleeder, but nothing will be permitted back  
into the
system when the pressure releases. Rotate them closed again and they act
like standard bleeders -- total seal. The easiest way to do an one- 
brake bleed I've ever found, and I hawk them primarily for  

=-= Marc Glasgow

On Jun 19, 2006, at 11:25 PM, Tom Christiansen wrote:

> I built my own pressure bleeder using a garden sprayer, some hose
> fittings, a pressure gauge, an old brake reservoir cap, and a piece of
> hose. I've bled the brakes on my 1994 90S, but I recall the fluid
> running very slowly out the bleed screws even with 15 psi (1 ATM)
> applied to the brake fluid reservoir. I ended up helping it along the
> way by applying pressure on the brake pedal (in addition to the
> pressure from the power bleeder).
> I didn't go higher on the pressure as I didn't want to risk having the
> reservoir pop off the master cylinder. It's only held on there by an
> o-ring!!
> Tom
> On 6/19/06, Mike LaRosa <mrmotoguzzi00 at yahoo.com> wrote:
>> I never had good luck without using a pressure
>> bleeder..  at least on an Audi ;)
>> Mike,
>> --- dcooke at npacc.net wrote:
>>> I replaced the rear calipers/pads this weekend and
>>> bled all
>>> 4 corners.  The brake pedal still feels soft on the
>>> first application
>>> and gets stiffer on each successive application.
>>> Did
>>> I miss a bleeder valve somewhere or do I continue to
>>> try
>>> and bleed again.  I used the method of having
>>> someone pump
>>> the brake pedal since I do not have any pressure
>>> equipment
>>> to do it by myself.
>>> Dan
>>> 96 A6Q Avant
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