[V6-12v] odd engine light problem?

Rob beattyr2003 at cox.net
Tue Jun 20 18:37:03 EDT 2006

Ok troubleshooting my intermittent check engine light in my 95 A6Q sedan.
Basically I start the car and it drives fine and at some point during the
drive the check engine light comes on.  I never see a change in performance
and the car runs great.  Fuel mileage is about 23-24 mpg hwy.  I pulled the
codes using SMJ's site, and here are most of them, I think I got them all,
I'll double check tomorrow when I drive it back to work and the light will
come on at somepoint during the drive.


2331 Ox Sensor Control #2

2212 Throttle Position sensor

2341 Knock sensor control 1

2143 Knock Sensor control 2

2411 EGR


These codes are all from my morning drive to work, and my drive home as I
cleared them yesterday.  The ones I pulled yesterday were similar, I have
them written down somewhere around here and I'll compare them.


Anyways, anyone have an idea whats causing all these different codes?  I'm
thinking its one thing that crosses multiple systems, but it cant be
anything critical because the car runs great.

Any ideas?




Rob Beatty

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