[V6-12v] heater core?

quattrorunner at earthlink.net quattrorunner at earthlink.net
Wed Jun 21 23:54:55 EDT 2006

I have a 97 a6 avant and have had a strange leak of some sticky substance
under what appeared to be the transaxle. I couldn't understand the
stickyness but thought it may be from the trans as it has leaked in the
past. Anyway that has been for about a hear or so. After having a small
coolant leak for about two weeks now, I thought it a good idea to
investigate. It was coming from the area where the heater hoses go to the
core area. At the plastic 90 degree turn out of the black box. I don't have
the bently so I don't know what this box is but I found the sticky
substance is from the seam there. The seam was up against the rubber air
release valve behind the heater valve. It appears to be a hole full of the
sticky stuff. My guess is that this stuff is glue for the seams of the
core? But I don't know. Is this black box that the heater hoses enter the
heater core or is the core inside it? And can I change it from outside the
car or under the dash? Thanks, BA

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