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George Tur getur at optonline.net
Sun Mar 5 22:48:10 EST 2006

On Sunday 05 March 2006 22:12, Calvyn wrote:
snipped stuff...
> 	So my next assumption is the wheel bearing. I removed the strut
> tower and inspected the wheel bearings, I was able to remove the two dirt
> rings and see the bearings. [3] I can feel a little amount of play and I
> figure to start with them. Any idea on how to get them outta there? Do I
> need a puller/press?
Just went through having the passenger side bearing replaced on my V8. The 
symptom was a vibration through the steering wheel and a low pitched growl 
that increased with speed. A check of the wheel with the car up on jack 
stands showed a bit of play in the wheel along the vertical axis. 

I had the wheel bearing replaced at a local shop and they use a hub shark to 
pull the bearing off and then to reinstall it. In addition to the wheel 
bearing the hub had to be replaced because it had some play in it too. I took 
a look at the cost of the tool and it's a couple of hundred dollars for a 
minimal set up. If you want to do it yourself then the best thing to do is to 
remove the hub carrier that the bearing sits in and bring it to a machine 
shop or garage that has a press that can pop the bearing out and put in a new 

George Tur
91 V8 
95 A6Q

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