[V6-12v] CV-Joint/Wheel Bearing..

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
Mon Mar 20 08:41:46 EST 2006

Hi Calvyn

Sounds like you got the whole job done, good for you. I did my CV joints 
when I was turning the wheel lock to lock , adjusting a tie rod end and tore 
the boot open, so I am glad you did it before then, you are right pretty 
messy, in fact i threw away a whole bunch of clothes, but what a great 
feeling when you are done. I sa your torn rubber boot and you MAY have 
another option. PS don't cram too much grease in in future... the boots are 
usualy just held in place with two springs. It is not meant to be removed 
but I an sur they could be, try googleing the part number on te rubber boot. 
Too bad really , I just replaced my two front tie rod ends and I would bet 
you anything those rubber boots would have fit, and yes of course I threw 
them out.

Good luck.
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> Just buttoned up my recent job on my A4.. New right side outer wheel
> bearing and two new CV-Joint boots.. Thanks to everyone for suggestions 
> and
> especially to Clive for the 'while-you-in-there' suggestion on the new CV
> boots.. Messy but a great relief to know that there's one less thing that
> can go wrong this year.
> Only one oops and looking for suggestions. I ripped the left lower
> rear control arm rubber grease fitting. See picture
> http://www.nostrom.net/upload/Audi/oops.jpg any suggestions on getting 
> this
> to last a while? I packed the crap outta it with fresh grease. Hoping 
> it'll
> last until the control arms fails at there regularly scheduled replacement
> interval..
> Thanks All!!
> -Calvyn-
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