[V6-12v] Air bag light stays on

Wilfried Link wilfriedlink at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 29 22:36:55 EST 2006

For years, mine would go out for a moment after
starting the car,but then come back on and stay on for
a while then go out again. The problem was said to be
a warning lamp circuit problem, so I cleaned the bulb
receptacle contacts on the instrument panel circuit
board and changed the bulb to no avail. A few months
ago, I removed the receptacle for an unrelatd repair,
and when I put it back together the problem
disappeared and has not reappeared.

1995 A6 Avant  

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> This ought to be simple but it's not....
> My wife's 1993 90Q went through some interesting
> electrical problems due to broken wires in the loom
> going to the trunk lid.  Dash lights went in and
> out, the entire gauge cluster went in and out, and
> sometimes both were giving problems until I fixed
> the broken wires and replaced sundry blown fuses.
> The wires are repaired, but the air bag light came
> on during this exercise and won't go out.  I have
> tried disconnecting the red power connection above
> the driver's legs in hopes that it would re-set
> the light, but no luck. All fuses in the under-hood
> fuse box are OK.
> Has anyone ever run into this and solved the
> problem? Is there perhaps another fuse or fusible
> link
> I might be missing? Due to the timing of the
> problem, I'm thinking the air bag light is simply
> confused, but I'm out of ideas on what to try.
> Thanks in advance..
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