[V6-12v] Replacement bulbs for manual A/C controls

Tom Christiansen tomchr at gmail.com
Wed May 24 02:03:29 EDT 2006


Some of the bulbs on the control panel for the manual A/C in my 1994
90S have burned out. I called the stealership and they wanted big
bucks for the bulbs. $8/each for two of them. The other two were less
spendy. $8!! Bloody hell!!!

However, reading the Bentley manual I get to thinking the stealership
rep. might have thought I had the automatic climate control unit. He
mentioned that the bulbs would twist out like those in the instrument

Does anyone know which bulbs are needed to illuminate that panel? How
are they accessed? Do they have a standard base or are they the wicked
twist types used in the instrument cluster?



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