[V6-12v] 2.8 12v burning oil?

Lino M. Valadas l.valadas at rogers.com
Fri Oct 6 19:44:53 EDT 2006

Blue I'm afraid :(

James, yes, also my understanding.  Smoke when decelerating usually stem
seals.  When accelerating, rings.

Now the decision:  Overhaul the engine, find a good used one or replaced the

Thanks to all that reply.


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> Lino M. Valadas wrote:
>  > My 2.8 v12 (93 90q with 205k km) has developed quite a bit of
>  > smoke out the exhaust when accelerating in first and second gears.
>  > No lack of power just the smoke.  Not noticeable at higher speeds.
>  > Could this be valve guide seals? Or perhaps a head gasket? Has
>  > anybody experience this?
> What color is the smoke?
> white = water vapor (possibly leftover in the muffler, or leakage
> from a head gasket)
> blue = oil (from rings or valve guides)
> black = running rich (from bad sensors or ?)
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