[V6-12v] Heater Core

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Do yourself a favor and put the little parts, nuts, bolts, etc. in
ziplock bags. Label the bags. Take your time. It'll be worth it in the

There's a small (I think it's an 8mm hex head) screw visible through
the radio opening. It doesn't look like it has anything to do with the
dash, but that does in fact hold the ductwork together. You'll pull
half the ductwork out with the dash so that screw needs to be removed.

The heater box was fused to the firewall on my 90S. The insulation or
whatever it was had gotten real sticky near the top where the heater
pipes come in. It made for some grunt work getting the damn box out.

Be careful not to damage the foam on the flaps within the heater box.

Clean the new heater core thoroughly before installing. It's usually
soaked in some oily substance that'll smell prettty strongly once hot.
I cleaned mine with multiple cleaning products including carb cleaner
and still had a little bit of oily smell when I cranked up the heat.
It's gone now, thankfully...

It's not a difficult job per say, but it is a nerve wrecking one.
You'll have a very distinct "OH NO!!! MY CAR!!!" moment once you have
everything out, take a step back, and look at what you just did.

I think it took me 3-4 hours to get the dash out. Another 4-5 to get
some more parts and the heater box out. Then 5-6 or so getting
everything together. I should say that I had a pretty bad cold that
weekend so I probably wasn't firing on all cylinders. But I'd
definitely set aside a 3-day weekend for the job. Or pay somebody to
do it!


On 10/11/06, Clive Young <cyoung1661 at rogers.com> wrote:
> I did it and so did Tom . it is not difficult but it takes quite a while to
> do and if your car is your daily driver I would not recomend it . Unless you
> have a week off work or a Long weekend. Don't get me wrong it can certainly
> be done.
> Done did it very recently and can probably guide you better. It is a very
> satisfying job when completed however. You will need to remove the dashboard
> and discharge the AC>
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> > Has anyone replaced the heater core in their Audi 90CS
> > before.  I'm looking for help on this.  Looks like it
> > might be a complicated job.  Looked throught he
> > archives and couldn't find anything.
> >
> > Does anyone know if the entire dash has to be removed?
> >
> > Jeff Paules
> > 94 Audi 90CS
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> > PS- Ignition switch was replaced over the weekend.
> > Thanks for the help everyone.
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