[V6-12v] Service andCheck Engine Lights

Brian O'Neill briano_72 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 28 10:47:05 EDT 2006

your car will never know what kind of oil filter is bolted on it, its not that smart.
   the noise you hear is your really cold oil not being where it is  supposed to be first thing in the morning. and the fact that it is  thicker and its harder to get it there. the only reson it does not do  it again after shutting it off and re-starting is that now, the oil is  where it needs to be.  only thing you can do there is maybe get a  lower weight oil, with the turbo, you should be running synthetic, are  you ? and it should be 5-30 at the very most. in the winter something  thinner will not hurt. 

Casimiro Izquierdo <caig01 at yahoo.com> wrote:  As you may recall, I changed the oil in my 2002 A6 2.7 Quattro a few  weeks ago. The "service" light came on at the time, maybe by  coincidence. I do not much believe in coincidences. Last night the  "check engine" light came on. The car has normal oil level and no oil  pressure indication has come on - my wife drives the car and I have  asked her to be very attentive and report to me all console messages.  The only thing that was done to the car, of which I can think, is that  the oil filter was an aftermarket filter - not Audi. However, this  should not matter much since it is one of the filters that is  recommended on the outside of the Audi filters - it was not a Fram,  probably AC or Purolator. My local Advance Auto Parts just informed me  that they have one K&N oil filter for the Audi. I will pick it up  for next time. 

There  is another issue, once the weather turned cold, 35 degrees for a few  days, the engine makes an awful noise when it starts cold. It is a very  loud grinding, rasping, and shrieking sound. If the car is turned off  and immediately started again, the sound does not come back. It happens  only when the car is dead cold after a long rest. I have a feeling that  it may be a belt, but I am not sure. Having had the starter problems  with my other Audi, I hate to think that it is happening to this car  also. The key however, does return to position two when the car starts  - unlike with the 90S that kept the starter engaged all the time. As  someone pointed out here, I will ask my wife to lighten-up her key  chain, just in case.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


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