[V6-12v] Trunk lid light switch

Dr. Gary E. RAFE drgerlists at gmail.com
Sun Sep 24 19:24:07 EDT 2006

"Tom Christiansen" <tomchr at gmail.com> wrote:
!I figured it out. The switch is hidden under the trim of the trunk
!lid. It has part number 4A0 959 905 written on it. From the outside it
!looks like a plastic cover, but upon further inspection two wires
!(brown/blue and brown) and a connector are hooked up to it. In my
!case, the switch is fine, but the wiring harness is broken on the left
!side by the hinge... Dammit... Oh, well. Time to order some flexible

Tom -- Thanks for tossing that one out.

Our '95 90Q has had that exact trunk light
problem for a few weeks.
Now another thing to sort out (more in a later post).

Cheers --Gary
Dr Gary E RAFE: drgerlists at gmail dot com

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