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Mon Sep 25 20:41:16 EDT 2006

Casimiro Izquierdo <caig01 at yahoo.com> wrote:
!Seems like the week for burnt starters.  Mine happened Saturday.  I did hear strange noises and after 10 miles I smelled something burning.  My ignition switch does not return the key to the correct position and keeps the starter engaged.  I will look for a third party mechanic to fix this, as the stealership is about 30 miles away.

Got a new switch today at the local dealer parts counter
this afternoon: about $43 total.
About an hour to replace, though it was really rather easy
with Tom's comments.
The failure in the original switch was at the end where it
mates to the lock mechanism -- the plastic end had a kind of
tear failure in it.

A local salvage yard had a nice enough starter
for a good price, too,
though I'm opting to have our regular shop do the work,
as it doesn't look too straight-forward.

I was reminded that one of the benefits of a 5-speed
is the bump-start, and my wife managed her first
(and our first with this car!) in the driveway,
which got the car to the shop without any more
We should have gotten some Michigan students to
give us a good push when the thing failed the other
Live and learn.

Thanks for all the help keeping our 90Q on-the-road.

Cheers --Gary
Dr Gary E RAFE: drgerlists at gmail dot com

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