[V6-12v] Engine oil pressure

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There's a by-pass valve built into virtually every oil filter on the  
market, if that's what you mean, which causes the oil to bypass the  
filtration media in case of blockage. I don't recall seeing any other  
oil pressure regulator nor bypass valve on the A100/200 platform (the  
oil pressure regulator is usually a steel & nylon piece with a hollow  
center, unit about 1" tall, set in the post-pump plumbing on vehicles  
I have seen it on).

=-= Marc

On Sep 27, 2006, at 9:18 PM, Clive Young wrote:

> There should be a high pressure by pass valve should the pressure  
> get to
> high , usually caused by a clogged oil filter , it will trigger and  
> by pass
> the filter, I can't remember where it is on the audi though.  
> Usually it is
> on the block close to the filter. The thing should peg when cold or  
> using
> thick oil or running higher RPMs. Someone should nbe able to  
> compare though
> . I only drive mine about once a month so can't really remember.
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>> Is there a problem with too much engine oil pressure? My oil pressure
>> guage pegs out at 3000 - 3500 rpm.  Isn't there a pressure  
>> regulator that
>> should limit the oil pressure??
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