[V6-12v] HELP with S4 wheel bearing

mike mikemk40 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 20 15:26:22 EDT 2007


car is a ’99 S4, it’s the early one with solid rear


shows the abs sensor as retained with a plate held
with a little allen bolt. Mine doesn’t have this and I
can’t see how to get the sensor out. It does turn but
doesn’t seem to be moving

Can someone with a Bentley or similar have a look and
offer some advice please and also confirm the
driveshaft bolt as being 85ftlb + 180 degrees

Quick response would be appreciated as it’s 8.20pm
here and I want to go home, 

a real real kindness would be to also give me a ring
so I know there is mail +44 1234766545, two rings and
hang up so it will be free for you

Thanks very much. 


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