[V6-12v] [audi20v] HELP with S4 wheel bearing

mike mikemk40 at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 20 20:55:09 EDT 2007

All done, thanks to those that responded.

Unfortunately I didn’t see Scott’s mail until too

I gave up on the abs sensor and did the bearing with
the strut still attached to the car via the abs
wiring, didn’t think to find the other end and

The old bolt got re-used, I tried to get the 85 ft-lb
+180 but at about +135 degrees it felt like something
was going to break so I stopped.

Total time start to finish 5 and a bit hours, bearing
fault was a broken up bit of case hardening, about 1/8
diameter on the outer race on the driveshaft end of
the bearing. This made no noise when rotated off the
ground but got noisier when loaded (left rear bearing,
noisier going round right hand bends).

It did have some movement  (maybe 1/8 or less at the
tyre) when moved by hand but when being driven it
appeared to allow enough movement for the tyre to
touch the spring  as it left some polish marks. This
seems a bit strange to me but I can’t think what else
could have caused the polish marks.

Anyways, thanks again

--- QSHIPQ at aol.com wrote:

> Mike
> I leave the ABS sensor in.  It should be a push in
> and seat  type.  If it 
> turns but is stuck in, leave it, you will break it
> trying to  get it out.  The 
> plug for it is under the rear seat in a plastic
> retaining  clip.  Unplug it, 
> then pull out the rubber body plug on the axle side
> of  the wiring and get the 
> ABS sensor wire free.  Then remove the hub with the 
> sensor attached.  Carefully 
> zip tie the sensor wire out of the way and do  the
> normal bearing R&R.
> This is common on the rear quattro chassis
> A4/S4/A6/A8 etc....  The  torque 
> spec given is for a new unused stretch bolt. 
> Otherwise you can snap  an old 
> bolt trying to get the 180 spec.  Just get it tight.
> Scott Justusson
> In a message dated 4/20/2007 1:26:43 P.M. Central
> Standard Time,  
> mikemk40 at yahoo.com writes:
> Guys
> car is a ’99 S4, it’s the early one with solid 
> rear
> discs
> http://www.audiworld.com/tech/wheel45.shtml
> shows  the abs sensor as retained with a plate held
> with a little allen bolt. Mine  doesn’t have this
> and I
> can’t see how to get the sensor out. It does turn 
> but
> doesn’t seem to be moving
> Can someone with a Bentley or similar  have a look
> and
> offer some advice please and also confirm the
> driveshaft  bolt as being 85ftlb + 180 degrees
> Quick response would be appreciated  as it’s
> 8.20pm
> here and I want to go home, 
> a real real kindness  would be to also give me a
> ring
> so I know there is mail +44 1234766545, two  rings
> and
> hang up so it will be free for you
> Thanks very much.  
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> free at http://www.aol.com.

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