[V6-12v] Respray

Austin Franklin austin.franklin at charter.net
Thu Jan 11 09:16:26 EST 2007

Hi James,

Out of curiosity, how much were you quoted?



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> Just an update for those of you who followed my 'respray' link:
> I searched around a bit and asked on a few forums (not just Audi).
> Eventually one guy in particular in the South UK came up again 
> and again as
> being a perfectionist and doing a very high quality job. He's called Tom
> Horsburgh, near Farnham and does all Adrian Blyth's cars, TVRs, Jaguars,
> Lotuses, etc. I spoke with him and he's obviously an enthusiast 
> and quoted a
> sensible price for a proper windows-out, trim-off, complete job. 
> So he'll be
> doing it once I've got it together mechanically and saved up!
> Cheers for everyone's advice on this, as always!
> James 

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