[V6-12v] Exhaust manifold studs (between manifold and cats)

Frank Chapchuk chapchuk at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 29 12:24:34 EDT 2007

This happened to me when I replaced my cats. Instead of replacing the studs 
I drilled them out and used a stainless steel bolt instead. A lot simpler 
than trying to extract the stud and re tapping.

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From: Eyvind Spangen <200q20v at bluezone.no>
To: v6-12v at audifans.com
Subject: [V6-12v] Exhaust manifold studs (between manifold and cats)
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 17:41:20 +0200

I removed the exhaust system on my mom's '96 A6q yesterday. The cats had 
disintegrated and the bits were blocking the exhaust. Of course, after 11 
years of salt, the studs between the manifolds and cat pipes were just a 
mess. 3 snapped, I got the nut of the last 3. Now, they are pretty bad too - 
almost no threads left, so I want to replace all of them.

Anyone done this with the manifolds still bolted to the engine? It looks 
*very* tight to pull the exhaust manifolds from the engine, but that way, it 
will be easy. Is it really that hard to pull the manifolds?

E. Spangen

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