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Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
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Tires are a very personal choice , and you will find there are as many 
opinions as there are tire brands. Michelin are an outstanding tire , but 
can you justify the price and tread life ? better grip and handling 
translate into limited tire life. On my Porsches I have always run 
Bridgestone ( RE 050) and really like them, on the Audi I have a cheap no 
name brand, I have a FWD as you do but see no appreciable wear after 
30,000km. I also have only 15 nch wheels, this allows for more side wall 
flex, and although the handling is not exceptional ( that is what the 911 is 
for ) I find the tires are lasting. I hear Kuhmo escta are good value for 
money but have never persoanlly tried them . I second the tire rack review 
route also, the continental was prefered by at least one user over the Kuhmo 
as I was just hecking yesterday

Good luck
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> What is the consensus regarding tires for a 2002 A6, between Continentals 
> and Michelins?  I have to buy a set of four for this car very soon and 
> would like to know what is the main difference between an XGT Michelin and 
> its comparable counterpart in Continentals.
> Someone, who works for Continental was non committal when asked the 
> question, but did remark that the side walls of the Continentals is 
> thicker and that they ride a bit harsher and make a bit more noise.  On 
> the positive side he said that the thicker sidewalls aided in handling.
> Is the above observation, made by the Continental rep, correct?  What has 
> been the groups experience with Continentals?  I have been using Michelins 
> on an Audi 90S and a 740i BMW, but would not mind improving handling if it 
> is possible.
> Thank you.
> Casimiro
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