[V6-12v] CAt Update

Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
Tue Jun 19 12:41:31 EDT 2007

Well here is my Cat update . 


I replaced the first side ( drivers ) with great Pain as everything was
totally rusted. 


The problem was on the passenger side the flange was totally rusted away. It
looked like I would have to replace the entire piece from the and clamp to
the cat. 


I visited a muffler shop and he showed me a triangular flange that can be
bolted on. The original flange is welded on to the exhaust piece not loose
like the passenger side ( unless it is so rusted on I can not tell. ) so my
plan is to put this on behind the original rusted crap and use a longer
bolt. I think it was Frank who chucked the springs and I think I will do the

 On the drivers side I didn't mess around at all, took the impact gun to the
band clamp, used the die cutter on the spring bolts ( shot the springs off
like bullets ) and used a manual ratchet on the head. The one that busted
there was no saving. The nut and stud had become one. 


I did bust one stud but I ground it down and now plan on drilling it out.
The exhaust manifold feels relatively soft as the stud ground down no
problem. I will use some titanium bits and see how I do . I am sure I will
bust a few. A have a cobalt bit I used before but that was totally CRAP. 


As an aside my last emissions test passed no problem and when I took the
cats off both were completely hollow and the material had broken up and "
left the building"., 


Too bad we can't post pictures .



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