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Latest Update .....

AFte a long and pain full ay yesterday I did some research on the internet,
I did see the ceramic bits Rob but could not get them locally. I went to a
tool place and I told him the story and he shook his head and told me my
story is typical . He went back and brought me two bits ... 16.00 for both ,
pricey but he said they were solid cobalt, not like the coated titanium ones
from the Chinese tool store. I took them home and put one in my drill. I
cannot see here I was working but a got a shower of metal and the thing was
through in about 10 seconds. What had happened was the bit was so sharp it
jumped off the stud and bore a hole down next to it through the exhaust
flange softer metal . I lined it up and I could still get a bolt through so
good enough for me. 

On these exhaust manifolds they insert a hardened steel stud into the
casting, it will not screw out as it is part of the manifold. 
YThe next problem I noticed was my after maket exhaust did not line up
perfectly onto the flange, I hit the engimne block. When I checked the old
cat sure enough the round pipe had a flat spot so it would not do that. I
cranked it up anyway as I was losing patience. This ma pose a problem
touching the block or I may not be sealed totally but it sounds okay. I will
test it more later but at least the job is done for now 

What an adventure. 

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Ceramic drill bits like this 


Should work as they are very very tough.  I broke studs on a 200 a few years
back and then I went one further than you, I broke an easy-out off in the
stud.  That was a pain in the a$$ let me tell you, but these bits worked.

Go slow, start with the smallest size you can get, probably 1/8" and
gradually go up a size.  If your dead center on the stud, then you should be
able to get to the point when you have removed nearly all the stud material
and all that's left in the hole is whats in the threads and a little bit of
stud.  Then it should be easy to pry the rest out with a screwdriver.

Good luck!


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Broke a second stud in the exhaust manifold, the first one went through
fairly easy as the hole I drilled was beside the original stud ( big holes
in cat allow me to get an M6 bolt through. 
The second one I drilled right in the middle of the stau and after 3 long
hours , many titanium bits and even a cobalt bit I am about 3mm into the
stud. I am basically screwed . Anyone got any suggestions on methods or
drill bits ? 

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Well here is my Cat update . 


I replaced the first side ( drivers ) with great Pain as everything was
totally rusted. 


The problem was on the passenger side the flange was totally rusted away. It
looked like I would have to replace the entire piece from the and clamp to
the cat. 


I visited a muffler shop and he showed me a triangular flange that can be
bolted on. The original flange is welded on to the exhaust piece not loose
like the passenger side ( unless it is so rusted on I can not tell. ) so my
plan is to put this on behind the original rusted crap and use a longer
bolt. I think it was Frank who chucked the springs and I think I will do the

 On the drivers side I didn't mess around at all, took the impact gun to the
band clamp, used the die cutter on the spring bolts ( shot the springs off
like bullets ) and used a manual ratchet on the head. The one that busted
there was no saving. The nut and stud had become one. 


I did bust one stud but I ground it down and now plan on drilling it out.
The exhaust manifold feels relatively soft as the stud ground down no
problem. I will use some titanium bits and see how I do . I am sure I will
bust a few. A have a cobalt bit I used before but that was totally CRAP. 


As an aside my last emissions test passed no problem and when I took the
cats off both were completely hollow and the material had broken up and "
left the building"., 


Too bad we can't post pictures .



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