[V6-12v] Tires

Casimiro Izquierdo caig01 at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 22 18:21:31 EDT 2007

As I promised, i am letting you know that I bought the Michelin Exalto tires at Costco.  I almost bought the Continentals from TireRack, but these newish Michelins had a better rating - they do cost more money though.  To help my decision Costco had a discount coupon.

On Monday the car is in to have the front right CV joint replaced.  When the independent mechanic looked at the steering assemblies he noticed that the front left and right control arms had cracks in the rubber bushings.  Is this a common or normal state of affairs for these bushing - that is having small cracks?  Or, is this mechanic being a bit overenthusiastic for replacing them?  The dealer examined the  suspension and did not mention this anomaly.  However, the mechanic also noticed that the rear brakes were almost metal to metal and the dealer missed that.  I have bought, but not yet installed, Brembo rotors and Akebono
pads for the rear wheels at TireRack.  Does anyone have any experience
with this combination.

The mechanic also said that the brake fluid did not look very good.  I know that BMW recommends to change the fluid every two years.  Does Audi make the same recommendation?  It makes sense, but maybe Audi has a special brake fluid that lasts longer or whatever.  Everything in Audis seems to be exclusive to them, expensive, and confusing - especially when it comes to fluids.

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