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Clive Young cyoung1661 at rogers.com
Sat Jun 23 22:38:57 EDT 2007

Hey Guys 

An update from my Audi CAT adventure and a copy to Fred at Discount
converters that helped me out . 


The cat project is done. Some hard times with the broken studs in the
exhaust manifold , and some learning about the band clamps. Overall I am
very happy with the converters, and a really sensible alternative to factory
cats. Turns out my old ones were completely empty and resonating like crazy.
New ones are WAY quieter. 

I find if I put my hand around the band clamps I  feel exhaust but I am not
sure if this is normal , it happens on both, I have new clamps and I just
can't make them any tighter. 

Also I did have a problem with the drivers side CAT . It was super noisy. I
noticed that I was not sealed against the exhaust manifold, further
investigation revealed that the down pipe was hitting the engine block and
not allowing the flange on the cat  to seal against the exhaust manifold.
When I compared the CAT to my factory cat I could see the factory one was
flattened in one spot about 3 inches down from the flange to avoid  contact.
I put my new cat in the vice, a few cranks and voila. It fit great . I still
have the problem with pinging and popping when decelerating in first or
second when cold. I thought it was an exhaust leak but now I am thinking it
is something else. I am worried I will destroy my new cats. I also put in
new O2 sensors. Think I will try  better gas and see what happens. 


But for now that Job is done along with an oil and filter change 


Night all.





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The order will ship this afternoon. I will foward the tracking number in the






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Thanks for helping me out with the Cats for my Audi.


If you get a tracking number can you please send it to me so I know when to
go get my parts. 


Thanks again.... 



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As you have already found out you can't order from outside the states. You
can place your order by phone. Our number is 1-281-749-0283



Discount Converter




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I am trying to order a cat from you but am running into trouble , you list
Canadian postal codes and country but I can not enter my province for
billing.. also your 1800 number does not work ..what's up with that ??? I
need a cat and wanted to buy from you based on feedback from other AUDI
owners.. can I di that ? 


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