[V6-12v] Wheel Locks

Casimiro Izquierdo caig01 at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 26 09:29:09 EDT 2007

Some very enterprising and brazen thieves have been stealing wheels
from cars at the bus commuter parking lot - they leave the cars on
cinder blocks and jacks.  I would like to know where I can buy wheel locks for a 2002 A6 2.7.  I have visited some of the more popular sites - Autohaus, VW/Audi parts, and Auto parts and tools - without luck.  They do not seem to carry wheel locks.  Does anyone know where I can get them?  Would the wheel locks for a 1999 BMW fit this Audi?  Also, I am not partial to the gorilla design pattern locks, I broke a lock in a previous BMW and had to take it to a mechanic to have the lug released.  I am not sure how they stand to being compressed by the tire changers at Costco, they do not stand well to being impacted with a wrench.   

Thank you for all the suggestions regarding the suspension control arm parts and work.  Can a regular mechanic change them, or are there special tools needed?  I know the car would need a wheel alignment afterwards, but is changing them a specialized labour chore?

Thank you,


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