[V6-12v] Head gasket replacement

Eyvind E. Spangen 200q20v at bluezone.no
Wed Mar 7 11:44:33 EST 2007

I think I have to replace the head gaskets on my '92 100 soon. Oil is
leaking more and more, coolant is disappearing faster and faster and I think
the car misses slightly, at least when idling. In addition, I have lots of
white smoke in the exhaust in cold weather, more than normal.

The timing belt was replaced two years ago, so I don't need to do this
again. Anyone BTDT doing a head gasket without removing the cam pulleys from
the heads, just marking the timing belt on the pulleys and putting it back
together? Anything special to look out for?

At least, I don't complain when the head gaskets held up almost 300k miles
on an engine that's known for leaky head gaskets.. :)

E. Spangen

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