[V6-12v] oil leaks driving me nuts....

Rob beattyr2003 at cox.net
Mon May 28 18:09:53 EDT 2007

Patient is 1995 A6Q Sedan standard, with 220k miles.


I am getting a persistent oil leak(s) in the valley between the cylinder
banks.  I have replaced the valley pan gasket and have also RTV'd the valve
cover gaskets temporarily as I am planning on buying replacements, but
wanted to be sure of my leak source 1st.  I thought I read somewhere
something about the 12V head gaskets sometimes being prone to leaking oil
and water.  Which would explain the reason I have to add water every once in
a while..  Will a compression test show if there is a problem?  Car runs
great, just has a highly annoying burning oil smell that I really want to be
rid of.


I know there are also places on the rear of the heads that can leak, but
that doesn't explain oil accumulating in the valley after I replaced the
valley gasket.  Not to mention, valve cover gaskets should leak on the down
side, not on the upper side.  Head gaskets though, since its under
compression, I could see them leaking upwards.


Anyone got any thoughts or suggestions?





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