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I had a tire wear problem with my 1995 -90S.  Sometime ago I bought a set of 4 Michelin XGT tires at Costco.  After 13,000 miles the front tires were bald, the rear ones had minor wear.  When I went to Costco I had a really hard time convincing them that 13,000 miles was not enough for the tires to wear out, even if I had not rotated them.  I finally prevailed and was given replacements with some wear charge.  

The point of all this is that the tires in this non-quattro car wear out very quickly in the front, or maybe I had bad tires.  I am keeping an eye on the new ones and will rotate them after the 6,000 miles mandated by Costco.  The wear on my tires was even, and there seems to be no misalignment problem.

Is this a common problem with this car?  


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Front tires on a '93 100csq sedan w/ auto trans are wearing rapidly on
edges- inside and outside.  Stock wheels and tire size, alignment is good.
This is the 2nd set- almost history in less than 8k miles and 6-7 months.
Rears (mounted same times as fronts) look new.  Most driving is on rural
curving country roads w/ 35-45 limit but driver takes them faster.  Some
noise is heard around turns (tires don't squeal, but do moan).  Car doesn't
feel out of control or even near limit.  A '91 200 20v avant can take the
same roads, faster, without such wear.  Any input to slow or stop the wear
other than "slow down"?  Thanks.
Sean in NH
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