[V6-12v] Master and Slave Clutch Cylinder Replacemnts

Austin Franklin austin.franklin at charter.net
Thu Nov 8 18:31:48 PST 2007

Hi cai,

> Before this forum loses any more savvy members, I would like to
> ask your opinions on a particular repair.  Does anyone have
> anything to warn me about when changing the timing belt on a 2002
> Audi A6 2.7T Quattro?  This is coming up sometime next year and I
> would want to have this mechanic do it.  He looked in his book
> and it says that it should take about 2.5 hours.  We surmised
> that this must not be a very difficult task.  However, I would
> like to know what procedures or removal and installation tricks I
> must be cautious when I undertake this job.

As was suggested, replace the waterpump, tensioner pulley and thermostat and
other belt(s) at the same time.

You need either special cam holding tools when you remove the belt, or you
can do a "trick" where you slice the belt in half the long way, so 1/2 of
the belt stays on and holds the relationship between the cams and the
crankshaft.  Then slip the new belt on as far as you can, and cut the rest
of the old belt off, and push the new one all the way on.

Good luck!


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