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Dr. Gary E. RAFE drgerlists at gmail.com
Thu Nov 22 20:09:49 PST 2007

"Tom Christiansen" <tomchr at gmail.com> wrote:
!Fixed my trunk lid wiring harness last night. Man. It's amazing
!nothing shorted out. All wires except two were completely worn
!through. I did see the telltale signs of malfunctioning door locks
!(wouldn't lock from the trunk), the fog light indicator in the switch
!lighting up even when the lights were not on, lack of license plate
!lights, trunk light only working when the lid was almost closed, etc.
!Bizarre... But sure enough. The tight bend by the lower hinge had
!caused the wires to break from the continuous wear.

We did this procedure a year-or-so ago to the port-side
trunk lid cable on our '95 90Q.
Then one of the solder joints failed on the trunk light
wire a few weeks back, so I opened the cable up again
and added a little extra wire for strain relief on that
I had a little extra cable to route the cable at the
articulating hinge so that the cable runs transversely
(parallel to the hinge pivots) for an inch or so to allow the
cable to *twist* rather than bend sharply when the hinge flexs
open and closed.

Cheers --Gary
Dr Gary E RAFE: drgerlists at gmail dot com

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