[V6-12v] No Start

Brian O'Neill briano_72 at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 29 10:59:14 PDT 2007

hall sensor on the back of the drivers head, stick your hand back there  and feel around, odds are it will fall off as soon as you touch it.  they get real brittle. my wifes car did that to us at a t-ball game,  drove it there, was fine, went to go home and would not fire, strangely  enough it did start on ether, i thought she flooded it from trying to  start it so many times. car ran fine for a few days, then did it again,  and again it would start on ether. 
                                                                  brian o'

"Wintre M." <wintre at science.uniswa.sz> wrote:  Hi 
Guys help me out. My 1996 C4 2.8 Manual A6 would not start. Petrol is coming into the 
engine but there is no spark, I have changed the TCI/Module unit but in vain. There are no 
error codes shown, no loose connections, what would be the possible problem and possible 
solution members? HELP.

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