[V6-12v] CD player in a 1996 A4...

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Hi Heather,

Thank you very much!  How does it mount?  Only one connector, any idea of
how many pins?

I did find a sort of "picture" of it in the radio manual.  Shows it mounts
vertically on the left side of the trunk, but doesn't show any visible
mounting hardware.  I will have to check the Bentley manual.

Best Regards,

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        Hi Austin,
        I have the '97 A4 but have the stock delta radio. The 1996 & 1997 A4
came pre-wired for the 6 disk changer made by Audi/Alpine, wiring is in the
trunk if you lift up the lining. It is model: 8D0 035 111 model Audi 6 disc
CD changer . I have also been checking ebay lately since my used changer is
giving me a "read" error. (we think it could be the laser ). but my used one
lasted for last 6 years.
        good luck in finding one - I also check Craigslist here in the Bay

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Was there a CD player available on a 1996 A4?  My 1996 A4 has a Bose radio
and cassette.  I'd like to have a CD player as well.  I've seen some
CD multi-disk players on eBay that claim to be for a 1996 A4, but I have no
idea if they are compatible with my current stereo.  I guess I could check
the owner's manual, that may have some info in there.

Best Regards,


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