[V6-12v] Bentley Car Manuals

Dr. Gary E. RAFE drgerlists at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 10:13:25 PST 2008

"Rob Beatty" <beattyr2003 at cox.net> wrote:
!Personally, I find the cd poorly put together.  Its difficult to find
!information and I find it a great hassle to use.  I work repairing medical
!equipment so I use service manuals all the time.  In my experience and
!opinion, I feel that the Bentley cd is a terrible version of their usually
!outstanding paper manuals.

I agree with Rob here.

That stated, I last accessed my CD-ROM version from a Win98
installation running in QEMU on a FreeBSD 6 host.
I think I tried Wine once, but it's not as simple as running
one "reader" app or even the browser against a local URL.
As it turns out, I have a (very) few Windoze-only apps that
still run in Win98, so I keep this QEMU-hosted Win98 install
for these odd-balls.
If you have access to a Win98 CD, you should be able to make
this work from a Linux host.
Dr Gary E RAFE: drgerlists at gmail dot com

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