[V6-12v] '93 100CSQ, for parts or restoration

Scott Fisher sfisher71 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 4 14:57:28 PST 2008

Well, the last straw finally hit on our '93 100CSQ.  A week after replacing the heater valve, most of the hoses, one of the radiator fans and the front brakes (barely managing to keep the repair cost under a grand), the transmission went bad.  The car stalls at stop signs unless you put it into neutral.  It's got about 203k miles, and we've done the head gasket fix at 180k already, so clearly the tranny was next in line to fail.  (We've avoided the obligatory power steering rack failure by always using "green gold;" it leaks about a pint a year, not bad for its age.)

So we parked it in our driveway and were deciding what to do... put another several thousand dollars into it or trade/sell it?  

Fate answered that question during the winter rainstorms here in Portland.  I noticed that the car seemed to have a lot of condensation inside the windows, but I didn't think anything of it till I opened a back door and saw water in the passenger's footwell, up to the doorsill.  The rear seat belts now have a nice layer of mildew on them too, and I don't even want to think about what's going on in the carpet (not to mention the wiring).  Some seal (window? sunroof? No idea, and less interest in tracking it down) apparently failed during the heaviest rains of the last 20 years.  

So here's the deal.  The body is straight and pretty (pearl white), only a very few minor door dings and the like.  The tires are good, on stock alloys.  The engine had a valve job, timing belt, and water pump at about 180k.  The front brake pads, heater valve, and various hoses have maybe 200 miles on them.  My wife said the CD changer was acting up in the last month or so she was driving it.  The pink slip is clean, but Oregon registration tags just expired.

Offer me something of comparable value (got any decent 4 x 108 rims hanging around?  I still have two cars that use them...) and come take it away.  If nobody wants it, it goes to the recycler.  Bring me a bottle of a decent Oregon pinot noir and I'll throw in the rest of my Audi stash (some brake parts for an 80/90, a header and downpipe from a 90S, and I think that's it.)  

Car is located in Tualatin, Oregon (southwestern edge of suburban Portland).  It will probably start with a jump, and if you're really motivated you're welcome to try nursing it down the road, if you can keep it from dying at every stop sign.  Otherwise I'll happily help you push it onto your trailer.

I'll be putting this on the Marketplace in a couple of days, but wanted to offer it directly first, for all the help I got over the years from this list.

--Scott Fisher
  Tualatin, Oregon

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