[V6-12v] Timing Belt Change

Austin Franklin austin.franklin at charter.net
Sat Feb 23 06:14:25 PST 2008

Hi Casimiro,

> I have other questions concerning my 2002 A6 2.7T twin turbo with
> about 72,000 miles.  A service employee told me today that the
> timing belt in this car should be changed at about 60,000 miles.

That is correct.

> The dealer has told me that the mileage for changing the timing
> belt is between 95,000 and 110,000 miles.

Well, you might be able to get that out of it, but your car is 6-7 years old
now, so I'd change it if it were me (and in fact, I did change mine two
years ago at 65k).

> 1- Does anyone have any idea whether all these parts have to come
> off this car in order to access and change the timing belt?

I'd simply check with the factory manual (Bentley) for the procedure.

> 2- Are the costs cited by the dealer and this service employee
> reasonable for what needs to be done?

Mine cost me about $800 to have done, but mine is an A4 2.8 12V.

> 3- If the dealer says to change this belt at 100,000 and it fails
> at 85,000, do you think that the cost of repair would be covered
> if the car is out of warranty?  Faulty part or manufacture?


> 4- Any first or second hand experiences, as well as anecdotal stories?

Where do you live?



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