[V6-12v] Timing Belt Change

Austin Franklin austin.franklin at charter.net
Sat Feb 23 06:09:49 PST 2008


> (B) It's common to have to remove the radiator and all the stuff in
> the front of the engine to get to the timing belt and water pump;
> whether that list includes the actual body-panels is model-dependent.
> I've owned a few cars over the decades where it was actually cheaper
> to unbolt the engine & tranny and lift it out than to go through the
> hassles of unbuilding the front surrounds, but those cars are
> exceptions rather than the rule (none were Audi's). The act of
> getting at the components (& reassembling everything afterwards) is
> 90% of the job.

On my A4 (96/2.8 Q) the front bumper/radiator etc. can be moved into a
"service position" that gives more than sufficient clearance to do the
timing belt etc.  I have no idea if the A6 has the same "service position"
for the front bumper etc. assembly.



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