[V6-12v] Timing Belt Change

Brian O'Neill briano_72 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 23 07:21:20 PST 2008

your a4 bumper needs to come off, then the rad support can go into a  service position. it is just so much easier to remove it all. and its  not a major deal. the bigest item is if the car is an automatic, you  have to remove the trans lines from the radiator. that is a  p.i.t.a.  im a bodyman that does service work also. i can have the  front off of an a6 or a4 in about 45 minutes with air tools.  your  average service tech has little if any body experiance. if you are  doing the timing belt service the way it should be done ( new water  pump, cam and crank seals ) you really need the front end off. 
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Austin Franklin <austin.franklin at charter.net> wrote:  Hi,

> (B) It's common to have to remove the radiator and all the stuff in
> the front of the engine to get to the timing belt and water pump;
> whether that list includes the actual body-panels is model-dependent.
> I've owned a few cars over the decades where it was actually cheaper
> to unbolt the engine & tranny and lift it out than to go through the
> hassles of unbuilding the front surrounds, but those cars are
> exceptions rather than the rule (none were Audi's). The act of
> getting at the components (& reassembling everything afterwards) is
> 90% of the job.

On my A4 (96/2.8 Q) the front bumper/radiator etc. can be moved into a
"service position" that gives more than sufficient clearance to do the
timing belt etc.  I have no idea if the A6 has the same "service position"
for the front bumper etc. assembly.



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