[V6-12v] A6 Timing Belt

Casimiro Izquierdo caig01 at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 23 12:44:07 PST 2008

Thanks to all of you for your input.  I am going to talk to my dealer next Monday and find out the real deal concerning the timing belt changing interval.  I spoke to a second dealer today and he said 60,000 miles, but the dealer where I bought the car says 95,000 to 110,000.  The owner's manual does not say anything about when to change it, all it says is that the car is equipped with "a long lasting toothed belt".  The bold is in the owner's manual.

My car is a certified car and I am coming to the end of the additional two year extended warranty.  My dealer does not sell additional extensions.  But, the second dealer does and he thinks that this belt change would be covered under and extended warranty.  My dealer says that this is a maintenance item and that it is not covered under any warranty - perhaps except the original all inclusive warranty.  This second dealer also thinks that the dealer shop should change it if the customer requests it.  I am not too confident in his thinking.  I have a feeling that Audi corporate may overrule him and I will be stuck with the bill - as of now I am stuck with it anyway.  What I am afraid is of buying the extended warranty of 2 years to 100,000 miles for $3,000 and then getting stuck with the belt change.  

What I am going to do is go to the second dealer and request a belt change under the warranty that I have left and see if they do it.  Am I correct in assuming that the warranty applies to any dealer since it is an Audi certified vehicle warranty?

I value all your inputs and I can see that a lot of you have been down the path in which I am on now.

Thank you.


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